Warning. This is a scam.

When you see an item on your bank statement for around £60, ring your bank immediately and explain that you cancelled the so called free promotion before the transaction date of the item and they will then issue a refund. You will then have to cancel your bank card as this will then stop future bogus transactions from being taken from your bank account. You do not need to prove to the bank that you cancelled this item. They take your word for it.

It might be a white lie but you will receive your money back. Good luck

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Cancel the card you used to purchase the trial. Even if you "cancel your membership" with them a month later you'll wind up with a charge of $127 for a company called "staywhite".

I called everwhite after the second charge appeared on my moms account and they told me her account was canceled and they had not charged anything so I looked up the location and number that posted with the new charge and found that they use a charities info so you can't even figure out where the charge originates. Obviously its a sister company they had given her info to. I canceled her card right after that and filed a complaint with the bank who just yesterday decided the charges were legitimate and put them back on her account.

Okay, I get the $87 and even told her to expect to lose that one, but the $127 is just flat out stealing. Way to go bank of America, good job protecting your account holders.


I was told that this was to cost shipping and handling only. When I got my bank statement I was charged $87.00.

I am pissed.




Everything I read here is exactly what I experieinced whith one additional comment...not only was a 87.47 charge posted to my card, another called SEGPAYEU.COM charged 29.00 for insurance for purchase made online but it was made by someone named Duane Burgart for delivery of adult entertainment on some site Bettie Bagescar!! These people are having a field day with our info...has no one looked at AOL as sharing responsibility regardless of their disclaimers!!!! I had to close an account I've had for 7 years to ensure this doesn't go on and on


I agree. Orederd in April didnt rec til July the "trial" was never charged for the trial but have been charged 87.47 3 times without receiving any products.

SCAM is right. Then no one can speak hardly any English when you cll to cancel.

I have tried 3 times they say it will be cancelled but it hasnt.say they are Located in Florida -HAHA. THIS IS A JOKE!!


when you sign up you authorize the future payments....read the terms of aggrement...you only have 10 days from when it is ORDERED to cancel to receive no more future charges....in the fine print that no one reads. I know I got it too.


i never saw a cancelation notice. on AOL it said only 3.95 for a free sample and then without ANY COMMUNICATION OR NOTIFICATION i got charged 87.47. this has to be stoppped.

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