DO not buy anything from this company.THey are ripping you off.

The website I went to was www.myeverwhitekit.com. They mislead you by advertising the kit is only $3.87 but within 5 days they deduct 87.47 out of your account and will keep taking out money. They also told me when i called that since I ordered the kit it automatically signed me up to recieve the kit monthly and they will take out 90.00 dollars a month which is not advertised in the add. Please beware and do not order this product.

They have completely ripped me off and messed up my banking account. When you try to get them to refund your money they will not do it and they hung up on me twice.

They said they would refund my money within 5 days and they just kept taking more money out.DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ITS FRAUD!!

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Beware of these numbers 866-777-8751!!Now the company went under the name Dazzling Smile.

I ordered the trial product on 7/7/10 and canceled the order on 7/15. Instead, the company charged me $87.47!! When I called back on 7/19, a sale rep answered the phone and apologized for the mistake and promised to return back the credit. I just called my visa company today 7/21, and they never returned anything back to my account.

Not only did they not return any credit back, they disconnected the numbers!! I just read this month's Reader's Digest, it says do not buy any trial size stuffs from the net!!

That is how consumers get scammed!!I have learned my lesson, this will be my LAST time to order any trial size products!!!


This scam company is actually EVERBRITE, NOT EverWhite. Their web site is www.myeverbritesmile.com

The scam company has been using the name EverWhite in their email order confirmations to customers, even though they are actually EverBrite (or more specifically XM Labs, LLC located at 3609 N 29th Ave Hollywood, FL 33020).

The real EverWhite is a company that makes dry erase boards for schools. I am a marketing manager for that company, and our business is being hurt because people are confusing the scam company with us.

PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERWHITE IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY IN ANY WAY. EverWhite's web site is www.everwhiteboards.com, while the scam company's web site is www.myeverbritesmile.com

** We are taking legal action against EverBrite. I am disgusted at what they are doing to innocent consumers, and what they are doing to the EverWhite brand name. If you would like to support our case against EverBrite, please forward any email correspondence the company has sent you that contains the term "EverWhite" to amandad@glenroy.com


they took my money 2 and they said that it were a free trail.How 2 stop people like that


I guess I am not the only one, or you are not the only one :) Same thing happened to me and yes, I got the exact same amount deducted from my credit card just recently.Once I found out, I called EverWhite to cancel it and they said my automatic subscription has been cancelled.

Then I emailed the customer support on WhiteBlast to cancel the subscription as well. I hope they will not continue to charge me. Did you had to explain to your credit car company what happened though?

Did they believe you?I wonder if I should call my credit card company about these transactions as well.


Yes, I've been hit too.In my case I was lured in by some article/ad that claimed that two products used together were particularly effective.

In addition to the sample of "Ever White Kit" I ordered a 'free' sample of another product which seems to come from "White Blast" - at least they accept responsibilty for credit card entries with the entry "Ezidebit Payment Tech" - website www.whiteblastsmile.com. Both companies (probably the same one!) have followed up the intial charge for the samples with much higher charges: US$87.47 from Everwhite and Aus$194.43 from Ezidebit.

I'm hoping that my credit card company will agree that the payments are illegal and will refund them.In the meantime I have contacted Everwhite by phone and cancelled any contract that they claim I have entered into and have done the same with WhiteBlast but on their customer support website.

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