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The product came with no use instructions, no receipt and no shipping/packing list (shady allert).

I spent 40 minutes on the phone with these people (888.869.2674) trying to cancel my order and get them to send me some kind of receipt for the charges to my card and a confirmation that my order was canceled. I was hung up on twice and had to go through the rigomarole with 3 people since they apparently can't transfer your call to the customer service rep that hung up on you.

The first two reps sent me an email to jump through hoops to cancel my order - I followed the steps and was not met with a cancellation confirmation rather a pop up with computer viruses on it.

I called back the third time and finally got someone that was not rude to me, who canceled it over the phone, was able to provide a cancellation confirmation number for me. Perhaps it was because I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor.

Good Luck

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I also had terrible experience with this company. When I tried to call to cancel a week after receiving product, phone was disconnected.

When I finally did get thru, what a hugh hassle.

Then I could not get a refund on a charge of over $85 (including foreign transaction fee) because I called after the 10 day window that starts at date of order, not date received. I am stuck with some very expensive goop.


:( im pissed this company is a scam!

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