Ever White Teeth Cleaning kit was supposed to be free, just pay for shipping HA HA!

The shipping cost me $87.47, upon seeing this on my bank account, I called immediately, and spoke with a women I could barely understand. She told me that the charges are valid, because I did not cancel within 10 day from the order date.

I then spoke with a supervisor who stated it was my fault as I did not read the terms of conditions, I may have if I had any paper-work come with the package.

I did how-ever call within 10 days of the received date but that doesn't count. I was told that she would credit me $20.00, and cancel my monthly recurring fee of $87.47. (We'll see)

Can you say "Big Rip-off"!

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Canceling your credit card will not stop them from withdrawing money. The best you can do is change your credit card number which will make it harder for them to withdraw.

This comes from me speaking to two different visa representatives in the fraudulent online claims department and then the security department where they change your visa number.

The first gentlemen from visa told me that they can not do anything for me without a paper trail, so I'm out 128 dollars. However, I saved & printed off the dontoreply message I got with the "important order modification process" letter off. This is what they sent me with a link I clicked to cancel my account, they say it takes 24 hours to cancel, so I will call back on Monday.

I was instructed by visa to send a registered mail to: Nutr Max Labs Inc.

4302 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 321, Hollywood, Florida, 33021 stating in the letter "I wish to cancel my account immediately" and to include my name and credit card number. Instruct them to send you written confirmation of the closed account, that way if it is not closed after receiving the letter, than "visa" or whatever bank you deal with has a paper trail to use as a fraudulent claim to issue your money back.






ARE ALL THE SAME CROOKS....You're promised a great deal for 3.87 shipping...trial period-cancel if not satified...and then NOTHING, but you'll get charged "1/2 the full amount"(39.95)...and then because you didn't cancel within the 10 day trial period-(WHAT TRIAL PERIOD? I NEVER GOT A THING UNTIL 4 MONTHS LATER!) you get charged 87.47-again "1/2 the full amount".....so before I got anything, I'm down some 130.00....AND you try talking to someone who's got such a heavy accent, and who you can't really understand OR hear ....and just try to cancel...YOU CAN'T!! They "email the link" to you.....oh, I'm still waiting....CANCEL THE VISA CARD YOU GAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Brooktondale, New York, United States #198587

when you signed up for product online, please read the terms and conditions. because if you failed and expect that it is a free trial.

u'll end up paying $87.47 and $2.95...and then they will charge you $1.49 for a convenience fee for using their website after a month?

this is rediculous...and when you call the customer service it seems like you are talking with indian women and doesn't have american accent....good thing i spoke with one representative Shelly 237 who helped me get a refund for at least half because i sent the product back. she's been a great help though we argue at first.but i do not trust the company...


Scam Scam Scam


I fully understand all of the comments and have to say that the money they took from me should be returned 10 times over for the time they have take from me trying to resolve this problem. Total scam. SCAM


I ditto everything above that everyone has said. Total rip off!

They charged me again after they confirmed my order was stopped! Can anyone say class action lawsuit?


I got taken too. These people are a bunch of crooks and should be in jail. Where is government regulation when we need it.


it is Bright White this month!!!

all they do is change the name of the product . they need to be stopped!!!!!!! :(

Same story re: tooth whitening scam. Billed to credit card under Dazzlingbrite and later under name Bright White, both from U.S.

No contact information given and original contact number does not answer. Three large deductions of $87.45 have been charged and my bank has re-imbursed two of these so far. One small kit was sent valued at $2 for customs.

I have exhqausted all attempts to contact this company without any success. They must be raking in millions!!


Same story, what I thought was amazing the phone numbers on my bank statement were disconnected. I am writing the BBB and the attorney general..hoping that this stops.


Cancel the card you used to purchase the trial. Even if you "cancel your membership" with them a month later you'll wind up with a charge of $127 for a company called "staywhite".

I called everwhite after the second charge appeared on my moms account and they told me her account was canceled and they had not charged anything so I looked up the location and number that posted with the new charge and found that they use a charities info so you can't even figure out where the charge originates. Obviously its a sister company they had given her info to. I canceled her card right after that and filed a complaint with the bank who just yesterday decided the charges were legitimate and put them back on her account. Okay, I get the $87 and even told her to expect to lose that one, but the $127 is just flat out stealing.

Way to go bank of America, good job protecting your account holders.

My story is obviously a lot longer since it's never simple with these worthless leeches. I've dealt with being hung up on, there not being a supervisor one time and then there being one the next time I call, trying to cancel but not getting an email I was supposed to get TWICE.

Oh and I found the cancellation site you are supposed to use and it actually sends you to one of those virus sites that acts like its scanning your computer! This is ridiculous and out of control, if someone is seeking legal help let me know because I've documented every detail of this.

:( I too have had a huge problem with everwhite. Same story different person, the supervisor hung up on me and I called back to try to report him and all of the ***, but they told me there is no one above the supervisor...what a load of ***!!! I will not give up, I am even going to refer this to my family's attorney. I know its only 88 bucks but after seeing how many people they have scammed I can't believe there hasn't been some kind of class action suit! I am going to pursue this to the end!! Oh yeah just some minor details:
I canceled within the trial period and was supposed to receive some sort of email
I never received the email
I called back a few days later, which now they say is my cancellation date (outside my trial period of course)
I complained to a supervisor, she assured my that if I returned the product I will receive a full refund of the 88 dollars, I got her name
I mailed the item with the RMA number given to me
I called 5 days later, they "had not recieved the item and given the 10-15 days to investigate"
I gave them 15 business days, now they say still haven't received the product, my refund will not be the 88 dollars as told
I transfered to the supervisor above the first supervisor...he hung up on me

i was shocked to see my statement that everymonth i was charged $107 AUD. i did'nt even knew about this or signed any contract.

its fraud somebody plzzzzzz do something.

i have to pay $500 from my creditcard. omg what to do.


Me too. Cancelled my credit card right away and reported fraud, then pursued with Dazlingbrite.

Got the runaround for 20 minutes, then they said I could either return the product or get $20 refund. I said I'll return the product. They said the email would come - didn't. Called back about 3 hours later, got a website to go to www.xmorders.com/mrf You can apply for a refund but surprise surprise, its only $50.

They charge a 45% restocking fee!!

Unbelievable!!!!!! I'm now on the phone to them to complain about THAT!!!!


I too got caught dealing with those scoundrels and told them to cease and desist and to send me an e-mail message to that effect, which they promised, but I have never received it.

$ 93.00 they want for something I have never agreed to.


I am giving up on getting my $87.47 back after too much time spent trying to get it back. I was able to cancel with DazzlinSmile (the name on my credit card) at 866-445-3661.

At my bank's advice I got a cancellation number and gave it to the bank so no more $$ will be charged.

BTW, the website for cancelling (xmorders.com/mc) says they are adding your info to a fraud database which may ruin your internet credit.

How low... This company is a sad statement of what some people will do to get money...


Total scam. I too cancelled and was told an email with cancellation information would be sent.

When email did not arrive, I called again. They said they had no record of my call. Of course they lied and said it was past the ten-day period to cancel. My credit card company is disputing, and hopefully can charge back the money.

BEWARE! Don't fall for this scam!


I had the same issue with them, on the 5th day of the trial period I was charged the 87.47 to my acct, I called right away to cancel my acct and get my money back. I was told to wait 10 business days to get my money back, so I did and those 10 business days went by and nothing.

I called and yet again they told me to wait another 10 business days and nothing. They charged my acct back in May and its now July. Finally I asked for the supervisor and I could hardly understand everything she told me, the only thing I did understood was that I was only going to get refunded 20 dollasr out of the 87.47.

I didn't even use the product. I'm going to contact the BBB to place a complaint!!!


This is happening in Britain too. My bank will not cancel the payments.

In desperation I have contacted the Office of Fair Trading UK and Consumer Direct. I live in hope.

I have no contact details of this company. If anyone has an e mail address for them send me it please to "twmccartney@yahoo.co.uk".

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