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I ordered the free sample kit and 2 months later I discovered charges of $87.47 and $39.95 on my credit card account. I called to cancel and get a refund. They'll cancel but won't refund, even though you return product.

I only knew something was up when I recieved a second whitening kit. I hadn't even opened the first one yet.

The credit card company (Chase) said, as soon as they heard the amount $87.47 they knew which company it was. Everwhite Kit does this to everyone. They claim there is a "Terms and Conditions" at the bottom of the page and if you don't click No on it, you are a member and will get charged forever if you don't cancel.

This is an obvious fraud. Everyone seems to know it but no one is doing anything about it.

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snap :(

Yeah, somehow I got caught up with this - b/c of the free trial. I canceled months ago, and just this morning saw a pending transaction of $1.49 (Temporary merchant authorization

Amount may change - waiting for final amount from merchant) Wow, they side swamped me, at least now, that I have the number again, I can call and B*$#h at them for this and demand a refund. I have been canceled for several months WTF?!!?!?


how do I cancel, they are doing the same to me


how do you cancel this product


I purchased a tooth whitening teeth product on a 10 days trial from Syndex Industries Panamas via their website (later discovered to be the same company as The product was purchased on 18 June 2010 for £6.90 and 10 days trial was supposed to end on 27 June 2010 after which I would be liable for the full payment of the product if I did not cancelled my subscription within the trial period.

Up to the 26 June 2010, the product did not arrive then, I decided to call the company, to ask them to extended my trial period as I have not received the product let alone trying it. I called the US and Canada customer service telephone number (1-866-777-8751) they had on their website, unfortunately none of the telephone numbers on their website is functioning, even their UK contact telephone (01617680100) number is not working.

On the 27 June 2010, still the product has not arrived, I called the telephone numbers again, it’s the same result, numbers cannot be connected to. So I decided to send e-mail using the e-mail I received from them to confirm my order. Guess what, it is a no reply e-mail address. Hence there was no way of contacting this company whatsoever.

At this stage, I started panicking and started checking the web to find alternative way of contacting Syndex Industries Panama. Fortunately, I came across another telephone number (001-888-869 2674) on 28 June 2010. I called them and spoke to one of their customer service advisor named Roxy Lopex. I spoke to Roxy Lopex at 6.25pm UK time for 15 minutes. I explained the circumstances that my product had not arrived and that I have been trying to contact them during my trial period since the 26 June 2010 but the contact telephone numbers (UK, US and Canada) on their website is not functioning. Therefore, I asked her to extend my trial period; she bluntly refused to help me. I asked her for the contact details (telephone numbers and e-mails) of her supervisor, she said they are not authorised to give out any contact details. I was really shocked with this statement. So I requested to be transfer to her manager, she pretended to be transferring me and kept me on hold for 45 minutes (18.40 – 19.25 UK time) and later hanged up shockingly.

Immediately I redial the number, this time I spoke to Sandy Hill. I started all over again to explain my predicament and my fear of having to pay for a product that I have not even received let alone tried. She also refused to give me the contact details of her manager/supervisor. She also said that she will transfer me to someone else who will assist with my query and she kept me on hold for another 25 minutes and later hung up. This action prove my doubt that the first time Roxy Lopex hanged up was not a mistake, it was deliberate.

On the 29 June 2010, the package eventually shows up. According to the stamp on the package, it was actually posted on the 27 June 2010, this was the same day my trial period expires.

On the pack of the teeth whitening product is the website, I checked the website for any contact details, and this took me to a similar website but with slightly different telephone number. I contacted this company; unfortunately it is the same people that I have been speaking to since 28 June 2010.

At this stage you will agree with me that I have not suffered any financial loss, but when I check my bank account on the 30 June 2010. It was a very big surprise to know that Sydex Industries Panamas has collected the sum of fifty nine pounds and 77 pence (£59.77.) an equivalent of $87.47 plus £1.25 Overseas transaction fees from my bank account. According to my bank, this payment has been applied to my account since 26 June 2010, one day before despatching and posting my product from the US.

I called them on 30 June2010, I spoke to one David Smith asking him to refund my money because there is no way to contact them during my trial period, still they refused to refund my money and refused to give me the contact details of their customer complaint department or manager.

I can't belief the number of people been scammed by these frausters until it happened to me. I have report this to the Florida Attorney General Office, BBC Watchdog, Federal Trade Commission and of course cancel my debit card.

They must all be brought to book and end behind bars for the rest of their useful lives.


just opened my bank statement to find that dazlingbright/ vivid white smile have taken out 61.70p from my acc,

. I agreed to thier FREE SAMPLE of teeth whitener with a 3.50 p.p charge and i clicked on the no box for any future membership. so they have stolen money from me, i have contacted my bank and the fraud dept is looking into this matter. I am so angry about this,and i want my money back, i still have the product, i only used it once because it burnt my mouth and lips...

These companys need to stopped.

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