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Everwhite teeth whitening free trial is another scam devised by ***-bags to rip off hard working consumers. My card was charged the $3.95 for the supposidly shipping and handling and I never recieved the kit.

Then as i was going thru my charges I see the thieves charged me an additional $87.47. When I finally got thru to them the hardly-english speaking arrogant piece of s--t as much as told me to go screw myself.

What I dont understand is why after all the complaints about Everwhite, are they allowed to keep ripping people off without someone putting a stop to it. I wish I would have seen all the complaints before they burned me!!!

Monetary Loss: $90.

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The advantage of credit card is that you have 60 days to bounce the charges.

Give them all the info and do it as nice as possible, or have a grownup do it for you!


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