False advertising confusing terms and difficulty in canceling your order once you get the so called free trial. Once they have your bank numbers they start charging your card $150 per month.

My credit card company wasn't much help- buyer beware. They are based out of Florida and I contacted the district attorney there to report them and to inform them of what I consider a fraud-false advertising scam. I normally am pretty computer savvy, but when the picture came up of a lady from my home town with a wonderful testimonial I took the bait.

I will not fall for that one again. Also it was on a so called consumer affairs website that of course looked very official.

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This happened to me as well. I ordered the trial kit and thought i just paid for shipping of the kit.

I recieved an email starting that my order was being shipped and i was being billed 29.95. I called to say i never ordered anything and to cancel it. 'i recieved it anyway...i recieved such poor customer service and got no where on the phone. I called my credit card co to see what i could do about the charge and they told me i was charged 7 times with charges!

they are disputing it .Call your credit card co and have these companys blocked from charging your card. The credit card co helped me.


I have been taken in by these people as well. They debited the 3.95 on May 5th and another 87.47 on May 14th.

Of course I closed my acct. and have been trying since May to get the credit of 87.47 they promised me.

Now I can't even get them on the toll free number, I get some run around that they aren't affiliated with EverWhite and give me some bogus number ! Don't fall for it !


I have been taken in by these people as well. They debited the 3.95 on May 5th and another 87.47 on May 14th.

Of course I closed my acct. and have been trying since May to get the credit of 87.47 they promised me.

Now I can't even get them on the toll free number, I get some run around that they aren't affiliated with EverWhite and give me some bogus number ! Don't fall for it !


I was charged extra money under the names:

Dazzling brite,dazzling smile,bright white, ever white, and possibly profit vault.

Fraud, Fraud, Fraud.


I can't believe they are in business. hey give other companies your credit card information!!! BEWARE!!!

On the phone with them right now yelling! THis is the 3rd month I have had to cal to reverse charges!!




I've been trying to get my money back since the day I ordered this in May. Unfortuately I didn't go to the bank soon enough.

I filed a complaint with the BBB in Florida and how convenient they never got back to me about it. I'm now filing a complaint with The Division of Consumer Services in Fla - a State agency and also with the Federal Trade Commission.

I think everyone should do the same before these people steal anyone else's money. I also contacted ABC and requested they look into the story and get it out there!


Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov. If they receive enough complaints, they institute a formal investigation, which is very serious. They cannot get you an individual remedy, but they can cause a lot of problem for this company which really does deal in fraud.


everwhite also goes by dazling brite and probably several other names. CAncel your credit or debit card IMMEDIATELY cause they will never refund your money.

Work closely with your credit card company or bank to file cancellation of debit, and stay in touch with them until they get your money back. I am working on this now.


I've been all over these people. You'll have better luck with your bank but here ya go!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Syndex Industries

398 E. Dania Beach Blvd. Suite #395

Dania Beach, FL 33004



Does anyone have a contact phone, email and/or website for these people? I cannot locate them.


THIS COMPANY IS IN BUSINESS TO RIP YOU OFF!!! Not only is the return policy so twisted that no matter what you do you end up getting screwed, either out of money or time or both but as well as that the product is terribly inferior.

Not only is it uncomfortable dealing the the forms but the product burns as well.

I ordered the Ever White product on May 6, 2010. I called to cancel my order on May 13th and was told that I did not have to retutn the product and to look for my confirmation email in the next two to three hours. The next day, the 14th, I had to call the company again because the email did not arrive. I stayed on the phone with the person while I completed my email and was assured that the $87.47 would not be removed from my account.

On May 17th there was a charge to my debit card of $87.47. I have been on the phone with these people 12 times from May 13th until today June 21st. Up until today I have been told I had done everything correct with my cancellation, I was told that the withdrawl from my account was their mistake not mine. I was told 6 times that I did not have to return the product.

I was told the money would be returned to my account on several occasions. I was even given a date of June 11th at one point. Today I was told that the money had not been returned to my account because I had not returned the product and if the product had been opened that I would only receive $20.00 as my refund. Then they hung up on me.

I contacted my bank this afternoon and filed a claim on the charge. The $87.47 will be returned to my account tomorrow.

Thank You Bank One.

As a precaution I am sending back the kit. For some reason I held onto it - the smartest thing I've done in this whole mess yet.


This company charged me $3.87 for a teeth whitening kit which never arrived.

With my next VISA billing, I was charged the

$3.97 and in addition to that, I was charged

$87.47. I called the toll free number and was

told, after a long run-around, that they would

only refund $20, since I didn't call during the trial period. I'm writing my VISA account and asking them to take the charge off my bill.


These people should be ashamed--how do they sleep at night--how would they like for people to just take money from them without authorization---i work too hard for what i get to just give it away--plus being inconvenienced by having to close accounts and or cancel credit cards--biggest rip off I've ever heard of---if this is a service that you need it is worth the price of not having the hassle to go to a dental office to have this service performed---don't even consider this product and please advise everyone you know to do likewise.


Yes, I fell for the teeth whitening thing too! I ordered from 2 differennt companies - Everwhite and My Brites - and I only got ONE of the samples!

I have been charged $62.9 twice and $87.47 once.

I just cancelled my credit card and reported fraudulent changes they "said" I will not be held responsible for the payments. We'll see, but it looks like a lot of these teeth whitening deals are scams.

if anybody has a phone ## for these JERKS I wouldn't mind sharpening my claws on them for a while.


I am sorry and embarrassed to say that I too have been scammed by this company. I have just spent the last two hours on the phone with them.

They managed to hang up on me three times...every time I requested to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on.

When I finally did get through I was told that even though I only had the product three days when I called to cancel that my trial period was past...actually the day I received the product was the day the trial period was up...what a scam. This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks that deserves to go bankrupt and the workers are all so rude that they all deserve to be jobless.


I got scammed too only they charged my account before the 10 days even though I had canceled the trial before i even received the trial. They sent me the trial anyway.

I sent it back unopened via federal express and they confirmed that they received it. It has been two weeks and I have not seen a refund. They told me they tried to refund me but my bank refused it.

I called the bank - there has been no attempt to refund me.

You need to get the bank to create an affidavit on the company. Let them legally fight for you


Hey guys, I have another idea - someone mentioned where the headquarters of this outfit is and they are correct, because that's where I sent my product back to certified mail. My idea is that everyone who was scammed should write a very and I mean very nasty letter to this organization about what you really think about their scam and send it to the attention of the Owner or President of this Company - send it to Everbrite at 3609 N.

29th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020.

Even though I was not charged the $87, I think I'll send them another nasty letter and mention how many people are online complaining about their scam and tell them that eventually they will all go to jail for fraud if they don't give everyone their money back. Send a letter, it can't hurt and it might scare them into giving you your money back - make sure you add your order number to your letter so they know who you are.


Hey everyone, on 5/18/2010 I called EverWhite at their 800 number and fortunately for me I got someone who spoke English and also I had not had the product for over 10 days yet. I got them to send me an Order Modification Memo to my E-mail, which they did and I filled out.

With that was a RMA#, return merchandize authorization number. I took that number and the modification cancellation memo and I sent the product back to them certified mail the following day. With the US Mail I was able to track the package and they received it before my 10 days were up. I just received my new credit card statement and the only charge is the $3.87 for the original shipping and handling.

So, I was lucky that they actually cancelled my order and did not charge my credit card another $87 which they originally said they were going to do. If you get the product send it back to them certified mail with a note to cancel your order , but first call and get a RMA# from them like I did. Thank God it worked for me.

I've got my fingers crossed for everyone else and I pray and hope you all get your money back, because if you're like me, I can't afford to just give these jerks $87 of my hard earned money for nothing. Good Luck Everyone.


I got the same run around.I also was supposed to get an e-mail to get a measly $20 refund 3 DIFFERENT TIMES

and have yet to get a single one!

Even got Bank Of America on the phone with a customer service person and got NO HELP FROM THEM WHATSOEVER! Had to cancel my bank account check card!!

These people are nothing but frauds and Bank Of America was of no help!! I'm changing banks-have had enough of them too!


Fell for it like everyone else. I called the company 8 times and was on the phone for a total of 7 hours (I spoke with Brandon Lopez the manager who was a joke) I also spoke with 3 supervisors even though I kept my cool all 4 people hung up on me after I kept my cool suprisingly.

They make it so you cannot cancel and cannot recieve a refund. They couldn't even produce a tracking number for the so called product they sent me. I opened a second checking account so I could pay my bills and my bank filed fraud charges against them and I managed to get $184.24 back! Once I got everything changed with my work's direct deposit paychecks and paid my bills for the month I cancelled the account that got scammed and now I use a new account and will never order anything online again.

If a website offers a phone number use it and have them read to you slowly all terms and conditions that companies hide in fine print before placing a order! Everyone should be upset but you take it with a grain of salt like I did and LEARN from your mistake.

We're all embarassed but we can be smarter from here on out and make sure it doesn't happen again. Do your research!!!

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