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I ordered an Everwhite Pen and another product from another company called Mineral Science/Synergy-Extreme white. Anyway, I received a product from Everwhite called Vivid White Smile-Professional Teeth Whitening Kit.

They Charged my credit card 3.87 and after reading all this i alerted my credit card company top not pay any further charges. Everwhite has no real company name., just a website, that doesn't exist.

The other company did acknowledge cancellation and I mailed the whole thing back to them. We'll see what happens in a week or so after monitoring my credit card.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Like a lot of you I was riped off too. I don't see getting our money back, but I believe karma will give them a pay backI got some of my money back from bank.

but they still oue me about 100 dollars so as I see it. god will get you dishonest people


Dec. 6, 2010 and I am still waiting for my money back for Vivid White Smile, Glo-White Smile 10, Ever White Pen and whatever other names they go by.

I cancelled back in May within their terms of agreement and have been calling ever since for my money! No money yet!


this scam alsohappen to me recieved trail but got my card got charged twice, got in contact with someome from the company some how, was holding for ages, I was going mad cos also they said was sorry we will refund $20, like thats going to help knew the terms but no-one answered and no-one emailed back in the end the guy hung up the phone,Thats some sevice, caneled my card and waiting fo the bank to send out the forms, just hope it happens! did anyone try the product? Whats it liek!


My girlfriend ordered the trial kit, now her cc is being billed monthly, no product, but thing we have a problem with is that Capital One is not helping at all, in fact its like they are trying to defend this scam, any ideas???

:( I feel soooo ***! I am so careful about things like this, but like Janet I also just figured I would try it and see.

I have super sensitive teeth and when the man called and asked me for permission to send the ONE MONTH package I said, "No, I want to make sure that it didnt hurt my teeth." Being the person I am, I checnk my checking accoung ALL the time! I saw today a "pre" authorization of 87.13 and immediatlely called. Im not sure if it helps, but I am from a small town and my banker knows exactly who I am. I told them that I authorized 3.87 and that was it.

She told me I had to come in, sign a paper stating it was not authorized and they said that will not allow me to be charged. Thank goodness I noticed so soon.

My heart goes out to all of you who didnt see it soon enough. This is just so terrible.

Just got our credit card statement and guess what? our £3.87 trial just increased to 2 payment of $92.85 (Canadian) Our credit card company have been guarded in their responce saying we should have cancelled our original order before 10 days to stop any future payments...I don,t remember any such stipulation when placing our original order...did I miss any small print? what is surprising is the credit card company knowing this about the purchase...are they part of the problem?

Have just started our battle for re imbursement so watch for any further updates.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK!!!!PLZ HELP!


Clearbrook Park, New Jersey, United States #189428

I was fooled and feel like a fool ! They charged me $87.47 twice and then I kept getting charges for 2.95.

This will never happen to me again. Reported them to my bank and the fraud department!!!!

This is a trick to get mo money mo money!

The company is in Panama City !!!!


okay here is the answer to anyone whom has ordered the everwhite vivid white smiles %^$#% products, i filed a complaint with bbb, they are directly giving you to the florida bbb, where they have a lengthy record of everwhite, their company name by the way is "dental hygiene nutra" they do run thru go and go daddy doesnt care about whom uses their product only the $ they are getting. so if everyone files bbb complaints one you get you $ quicker and the more folks whom do guess what it is closer to putting the scammers out of business for good.


Call your credit card company and have them reverse the charges.


I tried the product and developed Stevens Jonson’s Syndrome (SJS). These are 100's of ulcers in the mouth. They spread very quickly, the only treatment is high doses of PREDNISONE and you could be on it for 12 to 18 months together with all its side effects. I got SJS some years ago my weight was 143lb after 12 months I weighed 336lb. If you don't have the prednisone the SJS will spread down your throat and will most likely KILL you.

After trying Vivid White Smile the ulcers began to appear within 24 hrs I had 3. I stopped using the product after another 24 hours I had 30 ulcers. On the 3rd day I had 160 ulcers, I immediately went to my GP who put me on Prednisone. By the 5th day (remember I had not used Vivid White Smile since the first ulcers appeared). My wife stopped counting the mouth ulcers at 350 the prednisone will take a couple of days to kick in.

Another fact is the web site is hosted by GoDaddy, this company has a very strict code of ethics. The person that told me had already advised GoDaddy who did not seem to care.

I hope GoDaddy is NOT being paid by Visa because Vivid White Smile is very likely to lose their Visa credit card facility. If that occurs the rest will also pull out

same happened to me thought i was getting trail pack got charged 3 times .had to cancel credit card reported them to the fraud department also.been sent two lots i dont want .sending back second one bet i dont get my money back.:(

i was on the phone with them and now have cancelled any further business with them but apparently they told me all this additional costs were in the agreement... which agreement are they talking about since i cant find it anywhere... really pissed off and i dont know what to do about it...


Wow, I just got ripped off by this so called company. Never got the sample or the product, but sure as *** got billed twice $87.47 and two other smaller fees.

I got no satisfaction with any of these people over the phone, so I cancelled my debit card.

I go to the credit union on Monday to see what I can do about these scam artists. Man, do I feel ***.


Hi Everyone. I posted a comment back in May, but lost my ID log-on.

Anyway, I filed a consumer fraud suit in NJ under NJ law, alleging jurisdiction under a stream of commerce theory and violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984, 18 USC 1030 (a)(4). Advertising alone is not a ground for jurisdiction, but I alleged a stream of commerce or multiple NJ victims. The Small claims court bounced me once and I sent i back explaining the jurisdiction. If they give me a hard time, I will raise the damages from $3000 to $15,000 and file it in a higher court.

My credit card has credited me back the $87.00, awaiting a response from them. It's personal now. I need to hear from any other NJ victims. If we get together on a state by state basis, we may be able to drag them into court in any state in the country.

Class actions are not very good because only the lawyers make money. The plaintiffs receive a fraction of their losses.

Contact me directly please at in NJ if you are a NJ victim. We can then consider a group action.

Vred, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France #180376

I too ordered a free sample of Vivid White Smile and was charged the $3.87 and then was charged $87.47 twice and just recieved a third package. I called the phone 800-864-9903 and 888-869-2674 numbers on the web site several times and can't get in tounch with anyone to tell them to stop sending me and charging me for this product, I didn't want. These guys are ridicules.

Go to to report a complaint. I did. :(
Update: Called my credit union to dispute the charges on my debt card. The woman helping me knew about the scam as soon as I told her I bought a teeth whitening kit online.

She put a freeze on my credit card and said they can still credit back any refunds even though it's frozen. I'm getting a new card and pin number. I called to cancel my account with the rip off company and talked to Roldan who said they could only refund $49.50 and charged me a $87.47 for a restocking fee. I asked if I am sending the product back, why should I be charged a restocking.

He referred me to the "agreement" and then tried to get me to buy more of their product. Laters for that noise! He sent me a conformation email that I had to fill out and send back to cancel the agreement. Now I have to send the product back certified mail (to make sure they get it and to cover my butt) so I can at least recover some of my money.

I hope I do but I doubt it. I didn't try the product because I didn't want a bad taste in my mouth TWICE. Their phone # is 18008649903 (good luck with the accent) and the address is 3609 N. 29th Ave., Hollywood Fla.


I will keep you posted. :(

I got scammed by this so called company as well. i hope they catch them.

they are a bunch of *&%$#@. talked to my bank they told me that it couldnt be disputed because it was a contract if you didnt called them back within 30 days to cancel.

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