Everwhite,placed a advertisement for teeth whitener on another web page I was viewing,back in April 2010, which by the way didn't do what it promised. I purchased the sample they advertised, the advert gave the very clever impression of that being the only thing you were purchasing, I then discover that some diet company take £58 from my account, who they are nobody seems to know, neither does anyone know how they got my account details, by the way I weigh approx 7 stones!

they are now taking money monthly from my account, I have no idea why or how they are doing this. I can't find anyway to communicate with them to ask them why or to stop them. I do not receive anything for the money they are taking. They are literally stealing money from my account, the last one being 2nd June 2010 the amount £62,07 $87.47.

my bank has sent cancellation notices to them but they are still managing to deduct my account. Why and how are they allowed to do this?

They are scam artists and should be brought to account for what they are doing. I want my hard earned cash back.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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