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I ordered a FREE trial of vivid white smile tooth whiteneing for postage costs only, then found out the had taken over £60 from my credit card without my knowledge!I recieved no email of confirmation and no other correspondence to say they would be charging me further. I thought I was signing up for a free trial with only postage to pay, how wrong can you be

Have referred this back to my credit card company to investigate this company

What a rip off, incurred credit card charges as well which i hope will be refunded once investigated by credit card company

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Palo, Iowa, United States #198652

Cancel the card you used when you purchased it. Thats howmuch of a scam it is. They draw you in by telling you " only pay for postage" your card details are then used again and again when THEY decide to send more stuff.

So my advice is to CANCEL the card used and get the credit card company to do soem work getting your money back. I'm still fighting with mine but have sent them some of the stories on here to prove its a scam

Hope that helps


Hello, I'm from Portugal. The same happened to me.

They won't return my emails and I don't know what to do!

I only agreed for a free trial and I've received 3 packages more 'till now, been charged over 70€ for each. Can you help?


How did you manage to have a conversation with them? They appear to be uncontactable


i had a long conversation with them about the same thing and they just wanted to give me more stuff that i would get some money off of and not pay the full price on, but it was my original thing i was pissed off about since i NEVER agreed to pay so much money, otherwise id reconsider getting it at all.

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