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I've just been scammed as well from a company,they have taken money out my account without my consent, i only thought i was paying for the offer for the white teeth promotion, does anyone know how i can get this money back, they have stolen 67.00 of my money, i have still not had the goods i initially paid for last week(the trial offer for 2.71), the name of the company show up as EverWhiteKit8888692674 Panama US 87.47USD at 1.439.on my statement, i don't know where the goods are coming from. does anyone know if there is more than one company scamming this product?please contact me with any information on

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I've had the same issue.....*** company is a rip off.....believe to be a big scam!!! WTF!!!

Had to cancel my credit card , credit company will be looking into it and better refund it ALL back....defintely learned something....NEVER ORDER FROM ON-LINE!!!! NEVER TRUST ANY COMPANY without going to see the person face to face!!!


I am having the same problem. I cant find the company with which to cancel but MBNA have been pretty good about it. If anyone has a name or email for the company EVERWHITEKIT8888692674 PANAMA then i would appreciate it too !


I am just beginning my journey to cancel this mess. I am call all my accounts and my bank to stop debits from my account.



Same here have called twice got a person and they say you can discontinue it . They will e-mail you a form to fill out.

Never received anything. Beleive they are a set up.


Same here, I got two charges on my credit card from EverWhiteKit8888692674, Panama. The first for $3.87 the second for $87.47.

The worst is that I never bought any teeth whitening!

The only online purchases I made were from and


Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #148044

call your bank and file a dispute for the charge - for either merchandise not received or cancel-using the 1st date you attempted to reach the merchant - if you had read the disclosure would have read that they require a cancellation during the trial period to stop additional charges.


and exactly the same thing has happened to me. I really think that it is the same company using two names.

once they have our details they debit money twice, but they cant be treaced as they have a different name. When I called the office, they didnt even have any of my details and kept me hanging on the phone for ages.

i have contacted my bank and they have oput a stop on the cards and blocked any further debits and I am sending details of the 14 day cancellation notice to the bank for them to follow up. Fingers crossed


EXACT same thing happened to me Dasie. If you find out ANYTHINg please post it.

I need to find an e-mail address for these people. Visa has been no help at ALL and are letting charges continue without my concent! I also have been scammed by a company called vivid white smiles comes up on my credit card as ONLINE HEALTH800-6041742 800-604-1742 NV. They charged me $67 for a so called "free trial".

I got suckerd in my an add claiming to be posted by a stay at home mom. She claims she found these products and got them with just the shipping charges.


Hello Dasie, have you sorted your problem out? Could you please kindly tell me any new informations on your case? Have you won?

Many thanks

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